Bristol Nordic Walking pelvic floor workshop
Wednesday 10th April 6pm
Meeting Point: 
Clifton Physiotherapy, 118 Hampton Road, Bristol BS6 6JD

The pelvic floor is an extremely important part of our health and well-being especially as we age.  It is relevant for both men and women but is a topic that’s little discussed.  We know it’s one that interests you so we have asked pelvic floor expert Fiona Morgan to put on a special one-hour workshop.  She will explain a bit more about the function of the pelvic floor and address questions such as:

  • My hips sometimes feel tight after walking. Can this be as a result of my pelvic floor?
  • Is getting up at night to go to the bathroom a sign of a pelvic floor problem?
  • Are kegal exercises good for my pelvic floor?
  • I sometimes leak a little when I cough or laugh. Isn't this just part of getting older?
  • I exercise a lot so obviously I have a strong pelvic floor, right?

She will also build in time for Q&As.

Fiona has previously written a blog for us on the pelvic floor - click here to read it again

Workshop held at; Clifton Physiotherapy, 118 Hampton Road, Bristol BS6 6JD

Non Nordic walkers welcome.


Cost: £15 

We automatically issue refunds as credit to your Bristol Nordic Walking account.  If you would like a refund to your bank account or card please let us know.  Refunds to bank account/credit/debit cards are subject to a 1.4% +20p fee for European cards and a 2.9% + 20p fee for non-European cards.