Ashton Court Mansion House
United Kingdom
Every Tuesday at 9.30am from January 16th 2018
Meeting Point: 
Ashton Court Mansion House cafe

Would you like to Shape Up after Christmas?

After all the sitting down, the mince pies and roast potatoes many of us would like to lose an inch (or two) after the festive period, especially around the middle. So Ros and Mel have come up with an effective and fun mix of Nordic walking and food-based discussion over eight weeks - The Shape Up.

Here’s how it works ..

We’ll meet at Ashton Court Mansion House cafe (park at the bottom car park) at 9.30am every Tuesday.

Ashton Court has shorter and longer hills, both of which are excellent for increasing metabolism, burning fat and improving your fitness, so we’ll start the session by climbing a hill or two at a good pace. You will only be pushed as hard as you want so it’s fine to join us even if you’re not at a high level of fitness. 

We’ll then walk back down the hill where we’ll stop for 15 minutes and Mel (a practising GP) will discuss the various aspects of the Blood Sugar Diet by Michael Mosely. Following this plan has led Mel to lose an impressive amount of visceral fat, her muscle mass has increased and she has become a firm advocate, so we'll discuss the steps she took to get there and you’ll be able to ask any questions. We would recommend everyone buys the book to read over Christmas.

We will repeat the hill climb again, have another 15 minute discussion and finish with one last climb. The session will finish at 10.45am.

You can follow as much of this plan as you choose and as a group we will be there to support and motivate each other, plus we'll discuss the easiest ways to fit this healthy eating plan into our lives.

The 75 minute session will consist of approximately 45 minutes of Nordic walking and 30 minutes of discussion.

The course starts on January 16th and continues for 8 weeks. 

Cost £80

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Please note there will be no refund from January 9th. Refunds to credit cards are subject to a 1.4% +20p fee for european cards and a 2.9% + 20p fee for non-european cards.