Sunday 1st July 10am-12.30pm
Meeting Point: 
Ashton Court Mansion House, BS41 9JN

Modern day mindfulness was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn for helping people overcome stress, anxiety, depression and pain.  It is a powerful tool to help improve physical and emotional wellbeing and to build resilience to the demands of everyday life.

During this special mid-summer 2.5 hour Sunday workshop you will be exploring with Mel what mindfulness is, what its benefits are and how you can use Nordic walking as a way into mindfulness.  It is an active session, walking through Ashton Court and will cover:

  • posture and breath;
  • the movement of our physical body;
  • connecting with our emotions and feelings;
  • our senses; and
  • the natural world around us.

It is also an opportunity to explore how mindfulness can enhance our Nordic walking technique.

Mel Mackintosh is well experienced in mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) and this is her third workshop for us.  It will be a mixture of walking and stopping for group discussion and will include a section of walking in silence.  There's an opportunity to stay for a cup of tea/coffee at the end if you would like.

Cost: Members £22, Non members £28


Please note we need a minimum of eight to run this workshop.

Refunds are by way of credit to your Nordic walking account.  If you would like a reund to your bank account please let us know.  Refunds to credit/debit cards are subject to a 1.4% +20p fee for european cards and a 2.9% + 20p fee for non-european cards.