Bristol Nordic Walking Avonmouth Sewage works tour
Monday 11th November 1-2.30pm
Meeting Point: 
GENeco Bristol Bioresources and Renewable Energy Park, Bristol, BS11 0YS

Do you dare discover what happens to Bristol’s stinkiest sewage?

We have organised a fascinating behind the scenes guided tour for Bristol Nordic Walking pay monthly members..


The bodily waste of up to a million people from Bristol and the South West is collected at the Avonmouth sewage works, which is fed by Bristol's four major sewer systems and treats on average 210 megalitres per day – that’s 210 million litres of human waste! On this fascinating hour and a half visit we will:


  • Discover the impact climate change has on water and sewage treatment 
  • Learn how sewage is treated safely and returned to the environment 
  • Find out how items flushed down the toilet cause sewer issues 


Learn how Bristol’s waste is treated and transformed into fertilisers and renewable energy.

Nose pegs not required.

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