Bristol Nordic Walking at the 10 KCongratulations on committing to a 10k Nordic walking challenge, whether this is the Bristol 10k or another challenge event.  Setting yourself a goal is a great way to ensure exercise becomes a regular part of your life – and achieving a challenge gives you a real mental boost to go with your increased fitness and toned muscles!

Suitable for all fitness levels

This programme is suitable for both beginners and those who already have a good base level of fitness.  All our regular walks at Bristol Nordic Walking are graded – Easy, Moderate and Challenging.  Begin with the level best suited to your current fitness and after every three weeks try and swap one lower grade walk for a harder grade walk.

For example:

Beginner        Weeks 1-3:   3 ‘Easy’ graded Nordic walking classes

                        Weeks 4-6:   2 ‘Easy’ graded Nordic walking classes

                                                1 ‘Moderate’ graded Nordic walking class

                        Weeks 7-9:    1 ‘Easy graded Nordic walking class

                                                2 ‘Moderate’ graded Nordic walking classes

If you wish to stick with the ‘Easy’ grade walks because they suit your schedule, that’s fine – but try and push yourself harder as your training progresses.  It will make your 10k challenge so much more enjoyable on the day.

Number of weekly sessions plus pace and stamina walks

Every week you need to do at least 3 Nordic walking exercise sessions.  Ideally some or all of these will be in one of our classes with a Nordic walking instructor.  In that way you can develop your technique and get the most out of your session.  However, if you have your own Nordic walking poles, you can train by yourself – or better still, with a friend.

You will see that the programme includes pace and stamina walks:

  • A pace walk is where you walk as fast as you can for a short length of time without compromising your technique.  It will help you increase your speed.
  • A stamina walk is where you walk at a non-stop steady pace for a set amount of time.  This will improve your endurance.

Together they mean that you will be able to walk a longer distance at a faster pace and still feel good at the end.  You can combine the two and insert a pace walking interval into your stamina walk.  However, this extends the workout and makes it a lot harder.  I would not recommend that you do this unless you are already reasonably fit with a good Nordic walking technique.

By following the training programme, by the end of 12 weeks you will be ready to tackle a 10k challenge.  Good luck and enjoy!



Nordic walking sessions

(BNW regular classes or your own session)

Pace walk

(this can be done within one of your Nordic walking sessions or in addition to them)

Stamina walk

(this can count towards your column 2 Nordic walking sessions)


2 or more




2 or more




2 or more, including one 3-4km (min) walk

2 x 6 mins



2 or more

2 x 8 mins



3 or more, including one 4-5km (min) walk

2 x 8 mins

50 mins


3 or more

2 x 10 mins

50 mins


3 or more, including one 5-6km (min) walk

1 x 10 mins

1 x 12 mins

1 hour


3 or more, including one 6-7km (min) walk

2 x 12 mins

1 hour


3 or more, including one 7-8km (min) walk

1 x 12 mins

1 x 15 mins


1 – 1.5 hours


3 or more, including one 8km walk

2 x 15 mins

1 – 1.5 hours


3 sessions – Easy to Moderate only



12 (race week)

1 or 2 Easy rated sessions at the start of the week.  Try not to do anything much for the four days leading up to the challenge. 



 Congratulations!  You have achieved your goal of Nordic walking a 10k.