Can I join one of your regular Nordic walking groups straight away?
You must have had some basic Nordic walking training before you can join us, either with us or with an instructor elsewhere. We run regular beginners workshops where you will learn the technique in just over an hour. Click here to see more and to book. Our sister company Nordic Walking Bath has its own website. 

Who can Nordic walk?
Anyone who can walk and swing their arms freely can Nordic walk! Age is no restraint although we do not have poles suitable for children. Most of our regular walks are an hour long and these require a reasonable level of fitness, however we also have a shorter, slower paced walk for those who want or need to go at a more gentle pace.  Our hour long walks are a mix of flat and hilly walks to suit different fitness needs. We also run a Nordic walking circuits class if you are looking for that little bit extra to tone and trim your body.

Do I need to bring my own poles?
No. We provide Nordic walking poles but if you have your own by all means bring them.

What shoes should I wear?

The very best footwear is waterproof, breathable walking shoes. If you don't have these then trainers are good (but you'll get wet feet if the grass is wet). Walking boots are good because they support your ankles but the sole is often quite rigid, making it difficult to roll your foot actively, which is part of the Nordic walking technique. Take a look at our blog on what shoes to wear for Nordic walking for more information and some recommendations.

(Top tip - if you only have trainers why not buy some waterproof socks to keep your feet dry in wet conditions?)

What clothing should I wear?
No special clothing is required. Check out the weather conditions and be sensible. Layered clothing is best, with breathable fabrics and a waterproof jacket. Nothing bulky though as this will restrict you when you walk. A hat and gloves are important in cold weather. Jogging bottoms or stretchy trousers are better than jeans. We have various blogs on what you should wear when Nordic walking - click here to read them. 

What else should I bring?
Water if the weather is warm and something to carry your phone, keys and water in. A bumbag or small backpack is ideal.

Do you still walk if it's raining?
Generally yes but if it's very wet we don't go out as the walking conditions become slippery and unsafe. If in doubt call your instructor. We never walk in thunderstorms.

How fit do you have to be?
Nordic walking is used extensively across Europe as fitness training, but also can be used as a rehabilitative tool. Most of our classes are designed to improve general fitness and we look at them in a similar way to a gym class, but you can make your walk as hard or as easy as you want. Come to a Beginner Workshop and our instructors can evaluate your fitness and discuss which Nordic walks will be best for you. 

We link up with Penny Brohn Cancer Care and run Nordic walking classes from their centre in Pill.  We also run two regular weekly walks for people with Parkinsons on Clifton Downs - see our Rehab Page or contact us for more details.

How big are your classes?
The maximum number we will take in a group is 16. You need to book into a class via our Bookings page and, as some of our walks are very popular, we recommend that you book early.

Can I use trekking poles for Nordic walking?
No. They have a different grip and strap from Nordic walking poles and this makes it difficult to master the correct Nordic walking technique.

I'd like to buy my own poles - can you recommend what I should buy and where I can buy them?
Yes we can recommend what type of poles would be best for you so just speak to your instructor. There are lots of factors to take into consideration - where you'll be walking, whether you want to travel with your poles, how much you are planning to use them etc. See our blog on which Nordic walking pole to buy. Bristol & Bath Nordic Walking members get a discount on poles.

I want to cancel my walk. How do I do this? 
You need to go to your Customer Area which you'll see when you click on Book Now. You can see and manage all your walks from there. You are able to cancel up to midday the day before your walk. Longer walks and weekends away have various cancellation policies - full details will be on the booking page. 

Refunds to credit cards are subject to a 1.4% +20p fee for european cards and a 2.9% + 20p fee for non-european cards.