Nordic walking is sociable and fun!

Social and Fun

Our walks are full of chat and laughter but donʼt think you arenʼt getting a work-out! The highly effective technique means that you can walk further and faster than you usually would and still keep up a conversation. Coupled with the ʻfeel goodʼ factor of being outdoors, hills such as those in Ashton Court are scaled in an instant.

Lose weight and improve your fitness

Lose weight

You can burn between 20% and 46% more calories with Nordic walking than with ordinary walking. This is fantastic news if you are wanting to lose weight or just find a way to manage your weight. The increased calorie demand is because you are using both your upper and lower body. The poles also make you work harder without even realising it. At Bristol Nordic Walking we run specific combined fitness and Nordic walking classes, keeping you motivated and your body challenged.

Enjoy Nordic walking and become fitter!

Sculpts your arms and trims your waist too

Nordic walking targets your triceps (bingo wings) and helps strengthen and define your shoulders. Plus when you use the poles properly you will trim your waist and strengthen your entire core! Pushing the poles into the ground really works the entire ʻmiddleʼ of the body and all of your back, so you really are getting a great upper body workout from a very natural movement.

Nordic walking is also a weight-bearing exercise and uses 90% of the bodyʼs skeletal muscle. So it is excellent for bone health and as it is outside your body is able to absorb that all important vitamin D.

Improve your posture

Posture and tension

A key feature of Nordic walking is that you plant the poles behind you. This keeps your posture upright and your chest open. The technique, which includes rotating your upper body, also helps release tension in your neck and shoulders and reduces the impact on joints. In our classes we always spend some time working on technique to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from Nordic walking - ʻhead up, shoulders down, chest outʼ has almost become a mantra!