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How to deal with squelchy feet and soggy bottoms plus some longer walks for you

Autumn has arrived and with it wet grass, still long from the Indian summer we’ve been enjoying.  It’s now that you notice how waterproof (or not) those waterproof shoes/boots that you bought are.  Also, if you’re like me, you may well be coming back from walks with sodden trouser bottoms.  Squelchy feet and soggy bottoms - it kind of take the edge off a good walk!  So what to do?

Wet feet

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Back to basics: the heel/toe roll plus 7 tips for heart health

Last Thursday was World Heart Day.  Its aim was to inform us about cardiovascular disease – the biggest cause of death – and what measures we can take to reduce our risk.  About seven million people in the UK have some form of circulatory disease and it’s not just men.  Apparently women are three times more likely to die from a heart attack than from breast cancer.

Not all heart disease is preventable - due to family history etc - but much is.  So I’ve looked at the best of the articles and pulled together a top seven list of ways we can keep our hearts healthy.

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The health benefits of walking plus a seven-point posture checklist

Once again we have a major newspaper leading its weekend section with the benefits of walking; for your brain, your heart and your mood.  I’ve written frequently about all these benefits, empirically endorsed time and again by you.  But it’s good to see the message taken to a wider audience.  Here are some direct quotes*:

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Beach walks, masterclasses, equipment and fitness

It’s a canter through a veritable Nordic walking smorgasbord this week – there’s never a dull moment!

How is your aerobic fitness?

Knowing your aerobic fitness is pretty useful.  Aerobic fitness is the body’s ability to take in, transport and utilise oxygen to supply energy throughout the body.  High aerobic fitness levels are associated with fewer health problems. That includes strokes, heart attacks, and breast and colon cancers.  It is therefore one of the most important components of overall physical fitness. 

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Challenge Events, a Vitman D update and why walking to the pub is a good thing

This time last week I had just completed the latest British Nordic Walking challenge event, along with twelve others from our club.  I’ve spoken about these events before.  There are currently four a year (last week’s event at Lydiard Park in Swindon is the closest to us) and you can choose a 5k, 10k or half marathon distance.  You have to Nordic walk it and if you run or your technique is excessively dodgy you can be disqualified.  It sounds scarier than it is!

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It’s time to re-proof your jackets! Here’s how

I don’t know about you but I was totally unprepared for the wet and dreary day we’ve just had.  Out came all my wet weather kit along with the realisation that it needed a some maintenance. 

Like cars, quality waterproofs require regular servicing and definitely an annual MOT if you want them to serve you well for several years.  They have two waterproofing systems:

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Why we should care about technique. Plus the connection between de-cluttering, de-stressing and Nordic walking.

Walking is simple.  We were born to walk and we’ve done it all our lives - some better than others!  Nordic walking is merely an enhanced form of ordinary walking, using two poles to improve the way we walk and to accelerate us forwards. 

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Teresa May and the difference between Nordic walking and Trekking poles. Plus our very own Olympic dressage move…

There was a flurry of Nordic walking activity last Tuesday as the popular press picked up on Teresa May’s walking holiday in the Swiss Alps.  Interviews were kicking off left right and centre about just what Nordic walking was (you may have heard them on the radio) and what its benefits were. 

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Improve your back health and tone up your arms with these Nordic walking tips. Plus 3 surprising reasons why NW poles are great on a country walk

Do you want the best possible back and defined arms?  It’s a rhetorical question of course because frankly who doesn’t?  The point I’m wanting to make is that you can easily achieve both through Nordic walking.  Here’s how.

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In praise of Nordic walking

One of the things that impresses me about Nordic walking is its versatility. Want to get fit but don't like gyms? Try Nordic walking. Had a recent op and need to ease your way back to fitness? Again, Nordic walking will do the job. Coming to the end of your running days and want a replacement? You got it, Nordic walking. There are other exercise options of course and I love the diversity available to us. But I can't be alone in noticing how well Nordic walking adapts itself to pretty much every exercise situation. 

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