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How long and how strenuous should exercise be to reap maximum health benefits?

The Government recommends that we do a minimum of 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of moderate intensity physical activity each week – or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise - for our health and longevity (GRA). But there are no guidelines on any upper limit.  Is it the case that the more we exercise the greater our health benefits or is there a point beyond which no more improvements can be made?   Is it even possible to have too much of a good thing – can exercising too much or too intensely eventually become detrimental to our health?

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The benefits of Nordic walking for older adults

Not doing any physical activity is bad for us, no matter what our age or health condition.  As an older adult, regular physical activity is one of the most important things we can do for our health.  It will help us to continue to do the things we enjoy and stay independent as we age.

So how much physical activity do older adults need to keep healthy?  Well, according to the government, for those aged 65 and over:

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Wey hey! What a day - with the Bristol 10k!

I’m still buzzing from the most fantastic morning.  Being part of the Bristol 10k and an utterly fabulous Nordic walking ‘army’.  We'd done our training and were ready for the event.

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How to Nordic walk: Part I

Nordic walking is fitness walking using two poles to propel you forwards.  They are called poles because the whole technique, and therefore some of the terminology, derives from cross-country skiing.  Nordic walking is still widely used for off-season fitness training by cross-country skiers and it is an extremely powerful fitness tool if done at an advanced level.

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Stay strong - Osteoporosis and how to avoid it

Did you know that almost one in two women and one in five men over the age of 50 will break a bone, mainly due to poor bone health such as osteoporosis? Don’t want to be part of that worrying statistic? Then read on.

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Shape up with our new 12 week Nordic walking fitness plan!

Many of you walk twice a week with us and feel great on it.  However, our recent survey has shown that sometimes you’d like to give your fitness an extra boost.  Maybe you want to get in shape for an event or holiday or simply kick start a new regime. 

We now have just the thing!  A 12 week Nordic walking fitness plan to help you get in shape, improve posture, build up stamina and increase speed. 

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4 Week Training programme for Nordic walking a 10k road race

So you’ve signed up to Nordic walk a 10k road race and it’s now only a month away.  Training has been patchy at best and you need a plan.  Don’t worry – help is at hand! Here is your complete training programme for Nordic walking a 10k road race.  It covers technique tips and includes a four week training schedule.  If you’re planning to walk the Bristol 10k with us on May 31st this could be handy!

Nordic walking technique tips for road races

1.  Wear running trainers not walking shoes. 

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Wild garlic - go wild with these recipes!

Yes the bluebells are now flowering and the wild garlic isn’t far behind.  Visit the woods if you possibly can, and whilst you’re there why not pick some wild garlic leaves and make some Zingy Pesto or Patsy’s Perky Soup.  Yum!

Patsy’s Perky Wild Garlic Soup

This soup probably doesn’t need any more of an introduction than the title.  It’s Patsy’s, it’s perky, it uses wild garlic – oh, and it’s delicious.

25g butter

2 medium potatoes, cut into 1cm cubes

1 medium onion, chopped

1 litre vegetable stock

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Bluebells and boats.

We are on the cusp of the bluebell and wild garlic season.  Bristol has some spectacular bluebell woods and we will lead walks in them over the coming few weeks, so keep an eye on our newsletter..

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The Best Walking Socks


Many of us spend a great deal of time and thought over which shoes to buy (see my earlier blog) but what about socks?  Often overlooked, they play a crucial role in ensuring our feet remain at their optimal temperature, blister free, dry and comfortable.  So what should we think about for Nordic walking and what’s on the market?


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