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Progressing your fitness and a useful video to keep your back strong

 In last week's BNW newsletter we encouraged you to keep your fitness moving onwards and upwards by mixing up your Nordic walks. It's very easy to get stuck in a fitness rut. Our bodies adapt extraordinarily quickly and we constantly need to be throwing new challenges at ourselves to progress - or even just to stand still. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about benchmarking your fitness by timing yourself over a set route every month or so, but there's a whole host of other ways to keep your body guessing and you motivated. Here's five things that could make the difference for you:

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Three of our best warm-up exercises and some summertime reading


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Benchmarking your fitness plus NW poles arrive in Bristol

I am constantly impressed by the fitness gains of our walkers.  New walkers most usually find themselves somewhere near the back of the group.  But after just a few weeks of consistent walking and technique advice there’s a marked change.  Both speed and stamina improve, often dramatically.  The reason is multi-faceted:

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Technique focus: Arm swing

One of the cornerstones of the Nordic walking technique is the arm swing.  It is also the easiest to get wrong.  So the arm swing is the next in my series of Nordic walking ‘what, why, how’ guides.  The aim of these guides is to help you improve your health, strength and fitness through developing your Nordic walking technique.  It assists those of you who are new to Nordic walking to learn and embed the technique into your action.  It’s also a useful reminder for those of us who have been Nordic walking for a while as it’s all too easy to slip into bad habits! 

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Technique tips for your core, orchids in the Gorge, Women in Sport week plus summer walking shoes on test

It’s all go this week in my blog and something for everyone I hope.  First, a little reminder of what to do to strengthen your core and nip in your waist whilst Nordic walking:

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Plantar Fasciitis explained plus why you need to be especially watchful of the cows at this time of year

If you’ve ever had a pain in your heel or underneath your foot, chances are it’s plantar fasciitis.  Statistically about one in ten of us are likely to get it and we are most at risk during middle–age.  I’ve had conversations with a number of you recently about this most frustrating of conditions so I asked Susie Burness of Bristol Physio if she could explain what it is, how it comes about, and what treatments are available.  Here’s what she said:

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The less tangible benefits of Nordic walking

From politics to food choices to sport there is one common thread: not everyone likes the same thing.  So whilst I love Nordic walking and can see its many benefits, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.  On paper, Nordic walking looks impressive: engaging 90% of our muscles; burning up to 46% more calories than ordinary walking; challenging both the upper and lower body to give a total body workout; strengthening your postural muscles and firming your core.  But when I’m asked what Nordic walking’s key benefits are I increasingly turn to its less tangible qualities:

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Travelling with your Nordic walking poles? Read on

Lots of you are off travelling, both in this country and abroad and many of you are taking your poles with you, so here’s a few things to consider if you’re planning on Nordic walking whilst away.

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Hot weather walking advice and something for everyone with our June walks

We have our final flurry of long walks coming up before the summer lull.  Two local and two further afield.  All are excellent.  Have a read and see if you fancy any of the following – we’d love you to join us:

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An inspiring walker story plus technique advice for banishing slumping

Slouching or slumping is an easy habit to fall into.  Unfortunately it’s not good for our health.  It is why the chest is the next in my series of Nordic walking ‘what, why, how’ guides.  The aim of these guides is to help you improve your health, strength and fitness through developing your Nordic walking technique.  When you read Heather’s story below you will see what a difference it can have.


What are we trying to achieve?

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