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Nordic walking on slopes

Using Nordic walking poles up and down hill is extremely satisfying.  When going uphill, the poles seem to make the whole experience easier and less tiring.  Take the Nightingale Valley Leigh Woods climb for instance, which we all tackled yesterday during our 2 hour stamina walk.  This gully is about a 10-15 minute steady climb – and the general comment at the top was that it wasn’t nearly as hard as people had thought.  I bet it would have been a different story had everyone tackled it without poles.

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The January blues?

What a difference a week makes.  Last week I was writing about how to cope with the exceptionally wet, muddy conditions.  This week it’s been mostly dry, crisp and cold – firm underfoot and even sunny!  Until, that is, today, when the gloom descended and our fabulous Crooks Peak walk turned into a cloud walk.  It was certainly atmospheric but we could barely see the person in front of us, let alone a view.  Ah, the vagaries of the British weather.

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Walking in muddy conditions - footwear, technique and stretches

According to the Met Office, the rain over the Christmas period made 2015 one of the top ten wettest years since records began in 1910.  With rain, of course, comes mud and we’ve certainly had our fair share of it.   So today I thought I’d write about the issues mucky conditions present and how to cope.

The pros and cons of mud

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A New Year - full of possibilities

No matter how many New Year’s I’ve seen (and the number is clocking up), I still get excited about a new year.  It stands before us, like a new chapter, waiting to be written.  High on many people’s list is developing a healthier, fitter lifestyle – and this used to be on my list too, until I discovered Nordic walking. 

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Nordic walk your way to your New Year Fitness Goals

Christmas is traditionally a time for indulgence and the New Year one for resolutions!  If you are thinking about what changes you can make to your lifestyle, adding exercise is one of the biggest steps you can take in improving your health. I hope that those of you who have been Nordic walking with us during 2015 will feel rightly pleased with your fitness and the improvements you have seen in your general health as well as muscle tone and cardio vascular fitness. 

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Posture tips for Nordic walking

We’re coming up to the Christmas break and I know many of you will still be Nordic walking, even though our groups aren’t running.  It’s great to go off  by yourself or with others and explore the local area.  Here are a few posture tips that you'll find helpful:

1. Puppet on a string

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No man is an island entire of itself

Our Christmas party last Thursday made me appreciate what an amazing club we have at Bristol Nordic Walking.  It was a pretty miserable evening – the sort you’d definitely rather stay in than go out – but over 60 of you turned out to be with us.  Not only that, but the tables were absolutely groaning with delicious food, much of it home made.  There literally was no further space to put anything! 

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How Nordic walking helps with Parkinson's and cancer

Bristol Nordic Walking now runs two dedicated classes on the Downs for people with Parkinson’s.  We also run a Nordic walking class for people with cancer.  Nordic walking is an excellent form of physical activity for both Parkinson’s and cancer.  Here’s why:


Nordic walking for people with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s affects the part of the brain that controls movement.  It results in aching, stiffness and rigidity, in both muscles and joints.  Walking with small shuffling steps is common as is tiredness and depression.

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Which is the right Nordic walking pole for you?

Having your own pair of Nordic walking poles is liberating.  It enables you to go out any time you want, not just when there’s an organised walk on.  You can use them when and where you like and you know that you have exactly the right sort of pole for you.

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Walks in Dartmoor and the Cotswolds, Nordic walking festivals and Nordic skiing in Finland

We have been putting our 2016 weekend walks programme together and we’re really excited to offer you a fist-full of options to choose from.  We love the weekends away as they’re an opportunity to spend a good few days exploring a new area, getting to know people a bit better and, of course, using our Nordic walking skills in different terrain!  Here’s a taster of what’s going on:

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