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Shin stretches, tips for walking on tarmac and the latest developments in poles and paws

One of the benefits of the active heel/toe roll in Nordic walking is that it works all the muscles in your lower body, including your calf and shin muscles.  Not only does this give you beautifully toned legs and boost circulation, it also means that you’ll never, ever be a ‘shuffler’. (If you want a re-cap on how to get active with your feet, why not re-visit my blog Technique focus - heel/toe roll.) 

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The power of good posture and a simple tip which might transform your Nordic walking technique

TED talks are often a topic of conversation at the Tuesday 10am Ashton Court walk. Last week’s discussion about the talk given by social psychologist Amy Cuddy particularly interested me.  'Power posturing' is nothing new and most of us are aware of the symbiotic relationship between our posture and our frame of mind.

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Do Fitbits decrease fatbits?

Hi everyone

It’s lovely to be here on the blog page, I’m on my best behaviour! Vicky will be yanking the reigns back out of my hands for the next newsletter.

My Fitbit fascination

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Health in middle years plus a handy nutrition book for on the go

I want to start with the launch of ‘One You’ * last week by Public Health England.  It’s aim is to raise awareness in the over 40s about the need to prioritise their health now to enjoy a healthy retirement.  Many have criticised its ‘patronising’ tone.  However, whatever people may say about this latest campaign, the statistics are fascinating.  Although overall life expectancy is at record levels, many are spending their retirement living in ill health.  Lead a healthy lifestyle (by drinking less, exercising more, eating better and giving up smoking) in middle years and you can double you

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Reflections on our cross-country skiing trip to Finland

I’ve wanted to try my hand at cross country skiing ever since I discovered Nordic walking over six years ago.  This trip was the culmination of two years worth of researching and planning and every day I bubbled over with joy, gliding (sort of) along the purpose-made tracks through this beautiful part of the world.

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Six tips for healthy hips plus Nordic walking meets Nordic skiing

Healthy hips

I had a proverbial bee in my bonnet this week about showing those of you who were at my classes how Nordic walking can help strengthen and stabilise the hip/pelvis area.  Everyone was kindly attentive and I want to take this opportunity to reinforce what I said.

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A 10k Training schedule, maintenance tips for your walking boots and poles plus and excellent exercise for posture

There’s so much to talk about this week, I hardly know where to begin! 

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Healthy Nordic walking snacks, the best way to lace your boots and one of our walkers discovers an unusual benefit of Nordic walking

Healthy Nordic walking snacks

Many of you are beginning to tackle some longer walks, which means you need to consider taking food to eat along the way as well as water.  If you don’t you may suffer an energy slump (which cyclists call ‘bonking’ btw) part way through.  My personal favourite snack is home roasted nuts and seeds – see recipe below.  The Ramblers have put together some handy nutritional advice which may interest you.  Here are their tips:

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Weather, wellness and a useful review of fitness trackers

In my six years of running Nordic walking classes, I cannot remember a day like yesterday.  Heavy rain driven virtually horizontally towards us by gusts of close to gale force winds and usually well-drained ground utterly sodden. I was in awe of your determination not to be defeated by the elements and seriously impressed how many of you turned out.  It was a powerfully bonding experience and one that I think we will long remember.  We’ve now coined the phrase #RainWarriers for future ultra wet walks!

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The benefits of setting yourself fitness goals

Do you like goal setting?  Does it help motivate you?   For most of us I expect it’s a matter of balance.  We don’t want to be ruled by ‘achievement targets’ but having a goal every so often is very helpful.  This is particularly the case for fitness.  In fact, I would say that we all have fitness goals, from simply trying to stay generally active to something more tangible, like training for an event.

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