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The miracle cure

The Guardian devoted three pages this week to what it deemed ‘the miracle cure’ - exercise.  Depression, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, sleep - all, it said, are positively impacted by exercise.  Not to mention weight loss (when combined with healthy eating), stronger bones, fewer falls in the elderly... and the list went on. 

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Autumn walking near Bristol, vitamin D reminder and stress-busting advice

I’m back from my holidays refreshed and raring to go!  Mallorca, the Surrey Hills and County Durham were stunning with some good Nordic walking opportunities.  However there is something closer to home which I am very keen to explore over the next few weeks - Westonbirt, The National Arboretum.  

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Hear from our Bristol Nordic Walking instructors

Whilst Vicky is away we thought you may want to learn a little more about our wonderful Bristol Nordic Walking instructors. So we've asked them a few questions about Nordic walking (with one exception) and here are their answers. They may or may not surprise you...

Why did you start Nordic Walking?

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Downhill walking explained plus a useful talk test

Last week I wrote about the components of aerobic fitness: frequency, intensity, and duration.  This week I’m looking at one of those components – intensity -  and how you can calculate it. 

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Aerobic fitness: it’s not always about distance

There’s a whole bunch of reasons why most of us come Nordic walking, but maintaining and increasing aerobic fitness is probably one of them.  This gives us the puff to climb stairs and hills and generally keep up with people younger than us.  Also the fitter our heart and lungs, the more efficient our circulation and cardiovascular system is in general.  This helps with weight loss and lowers our risk of all sorts of other health conditions – heart attacks, cancer, diabetes and now strokes (see last week’s blog) to name a few.  It’s something I talk about quite a lot because it’s so importa

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Stroke prevention, healthy bones and exercise

Research published last week shed further light on the benefits of taking up exercise at any stage in your life. According to the study by Erik Prestgaard of the University of Oslo, getting fit in your 40s and 50s could halve your long term risk of a stroke. 

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Tick alert, our new mindful Nordic walking course plus our nations slide toward inactivity

Mind full or mindful?  A neat play on words.  I don’t know about you but my mind is often full!  According to the Neuroscientist Amishi Jha, in neurological terms it’s all about where your attention is (mine flits all over the place).  Her TEDx talk (Taming Your Wandering Mind) is fascinating and worth a watch.

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Your chance to be involved in a very exciting Nordic walking research project plus some Nordic walking anniversaries

Since I first started Bristol Nordic Walking seven years ago I’ve wanted to run a research project comparing ordinary walking with Nordic walking – on the flat, uphill and downhill.  There is already good documented evidence on the benefits of Nordic walking over regular walking but often this is connected to specific health conditions. 

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Nordic walking kit for the Autumn transition, walking for Penny Brohn plus a walker’s review of the St Oswald’s trail

Sunny tinged with cold and wet is the most positive spin I can put on the last few weeks.  It feels as though we are already transitioning from summer to autumn, with dewy mornings and shortening evenings.  So it’s as well to think about adapting our walking kit accordingly.  Here’s some things to consider:

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How to Nordic walk on tarmac

In Bristol we are lucky to have lots of public parks and open spaces which means we mostly Nordic walk on grass and tracks.  It makes things nice and easy technique wise – no unpleasant scuffing noises if you’re not planting cleanly plus the tips of the poles grip well in the soft ground, providing an excellent propulsion platform.

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