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Technique focus - heel/toe roll

Some aspects of the Nordic walking technique are common to both Nordic walking and ordinary walking.  The heel/toe roll is one of them.  Get this right and assimilate it into your regular walking and your balance, posture, joints, circulation and lower body tone will improve dramatically.

So what do we do wrong?

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How to Nordic walk: Part I

Nordic walking is fitness walking using two poles to propel you forwards.  They are called poles because the whole technique, and therefore some of the terminology, derives from cross-country skiing.  Nordic walking is still widely used for off-season fitness training by cross-country skiers and it is an extremely powerful fitness tool if done at an advanced level.

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Double planting or sore forearm when Nordic walking? Here’s what to do

Is double planting your Nordic walking modus operandi? What about your forearm and elbow – do they sometimes ache during or after a walk?

Don’t be disheartened if this is a familiar story to you. Many of us have visited the double planting/aching forearm stage and a few of us have lingered there longer than we would wish.  I’ve been chatting with one of our National Coaches, Karen Ingram, about these frustrating aspects of the technique. Here are a few suggestions if you are stuck in this particular rut:


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Technique tips - the perfect arm swing

A good arm swing is the cornerstone of the Nordic walking technique.  Yet like hand control, for many of us mortals it can be tricky to achieve.  There are a few Nordic walking gods who seem to adopt an effortless arm swing as easily as picking up a pair of poles but if, like me, you are not one of these elite, here are a few pointers.

Your shoulder should act as a pendulum

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Keep working on your technique to reap the full benefits of Nordic walking

Nordic walking looks easy but don’t be fooled. As those of you who walk with us at Bristol Nordic Walking can testify, it is a technical sport. Getting it right is tricky and takes practice. 

Why bother, you might ask.  A fair question.  Here are some reasons:

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Don't over stride to increase your speed

We had an interesting conversation during this morning’s Ashton Court walk about how to increase your speed. It arose from the fact that I completed last Sunday’s 20km Nordic walking race in 2hrs 32 mins at an average pace of 4.9mph (7.8kmph).

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Want good Nordic walking technique? It’s within your grasp

I am often asked what the key elements to good Nordic walking technique are so I thought I would share my views with you through a series of technical articles.  This first one addresses the tricky issue of hand control.

Ah. Those pesky hands, I hear you say.  They never seem to do what I want them to.  Especially that non-dominant (usually left) hand. 

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Speed Nordic Walking

We have just had a great speed Nordic walking workshop and I promised those attending that I’d write a summary of the points I raised for them. So here it is - for you to share as well.

Posture - the foundation
If you don’t get your posture right you will not be able to Nordic walk fast for long, or just plain walk for long frankly, without your back or neck taking a hammering. So what to do? Remember these key points:

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