Covid 19 Coronavirus is a new illness which is causing many a great deal of anxiety.  We recognise that government advice regarding this virus continues to evolve but here’s our current best view on how it affects our club.

Continue to enjoy Nordic walking 
The NHS website says that no one currently knows exactly how coronavirus spreads from person to person but that similar viruses are spread in cough droplets. With Nordic walking you’re out in the fresh air, there’s no need to get up close and personal with anyone or breath in anyone else’s air. If you have your own poles you are not even sharing any equipment with others.  On this basis our current view is that there is little or no risk of catching or spreading coronavirus whilst Nordic walking.

If you borrow poles from us 
It’s not practicable for us to wash our straps and poles between each walk so if you borrow poles from us please ensure you wash your hands after your Nordic walking class or that you wear gloves.  
If you need to cough or sneeze please use a tissue or cough into your sleeve so that droplets aren’t transferred to the Nordic walking strap/handle.

You can follow updates on coronavirus on the PHE website.  Further information from the NHS can also be found online at

Looking forward to seeing you in the great outdoors.

The BNW Team