Which is the right Nordic walking pole for you?

Having your own pair of Nordic walking poles is liberating.  It enables you to go out any time you want, not just when there’s an organised walk on.  You can use them when and where you like and you know that you have exactly the right sort of pole for you.

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What Nordic walking kit to wear for autumn and winter

The misty mornings and darkening evenings are a reminder that autumn is well and truly here.  So it’s time to think about your kit!  Here are some suggestions for what to wear to stay dry and comfortable Nordic walking this autumn and winter.


Take a look at my blog Best foot forward – what shoes to wear for Nordic walking. 

In summary:

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Fitness Trackers - how good are they for Nordic walking?

So many of our walkers are using fitness tracking devices now that I thought it might be helpful to review their features and usefulness for Nordic walking.

There are a veritable cornucopia of options – from the humble pedometer to smart phones to wearables - plus a few others besides.  They offer a slew of benefits to help us improve our activity, fitness, sleep, weight and general health.  Are they worth the investment and how can we, as Nordic walkers, benefit from them?  Here are a few of the options:


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Which sock is best for Nordic Walking?


Many of us spend a great deal of time and thought over which shoes to buy, (see my earlier blog) but what about socks?  Often overlooked, they play a crucial role in ensuring our feet remain at their optimal temperature, blister free, dry and comfortable.  So what should we think about for Nordic walking and what’s on the market?

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Pole performance - advice on how to look after your Nordic walking poles

Yesterday on our Ashton Court walk, the birds were in vibrant song, full of industrious activity, sensing the emergence of spring.  Clearly it was infectious for, on returning home, I spent a happy few hours busily giving my Nordic walking poles an MOT.  A couple of tips needed replacing and some of my straps were distinctly tired.

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Layering: How to optimise your clothing for active walking

The temperature is dropping but how should you adapt your clothing to maximise your comfort when exercising outside? I have been talking with some of you about the layering system, a tried and tested way to optimise your body temperature whatever your level of activity.  

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Which Nordic walking pole to buy?

So Christmas is around the corner and your loved ones have offered to buy you a pair of Nordic walking poles as a present.  What great news… or so it seems until you start looking online to give them a steer and find an utterly bewildering number of choices. 

Don’t worry!  Help is at hand.  Here are the key points:

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Need waterproof overtrousers? Here's three of the best

We needed waterproof overtrousers this morning and very few of us had them.  I'm not surprised.  The recent beautiful weather has lulled us into a false sense of security. 

The key with overtrousers is that they are light and breathable.  You do not want to end up with sweaty legs or spoil your walk with overtrousers that are heavy and rigid.  Here are my three choices:

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Best foot forward - what shoes to wear for Nordic walking

The grass is getting wetter and my feet are getting soggy!  Annoyingly my gore-tex walking shoes are no longer waterproof (I am to blame – I have not been looking after them properly).  I need some new ones.  If you are looking to buy, here are some top tips.


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