Best Womens Waterproof Jackets For Walking


Walking and Nordic walking are two of the most effective and enjoyable exercises you can do, so it’s important you don’t let the weather put you off your stride. As it rains around 100 days a year in the UK we can’t avoid wet days and it’s wise to invest in a good quality, reliable and attractive waterproof coat.


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What's the difference between Nordic walking and trekking poles?


Using any type of walking pole is a great way to increase your core fitness and strength and having your own pair means you’re always ready for your exercise session – no gym required! You can start exercising as soon as you walk out of your front door, go to a local park with friends or use them in a class run by an organised club.


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Best boots for walking / Nordic walking


It’s easy to get your exercise in summer when you’re out and about enjoying the sun but it’s autumn and winter where you need to plan it in, no matter what the weather. Plus autumn is a beautiful season to exercise outside, offering spectacular colours and a cool, crisp environment.


So we’ve asked a our instructors which boots they wear and why. We’re discussing boots as walking shoes are usually made of material and almost always lose their waterproofing within a few months, even those with the Gore-Tex badge. 


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Folding Nordic walking poles – are they any good?


The biggest recent advance in Nordic walking poles is the advent of the folding Nordic walking pole.  Leki, one of the leading manufacturers of Nordic walking poles, now has four different types of folding pole on the market.  

They are used by trail runners as well as Nordic walkers and are currently the most popular Nordic walking pole on the market.  But are they any good?


What do they look like and how do they work?

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What should I take on a long walk?

The weather’s gorgeous, you’re feeling fit (thank you Nordic walking), and you fancy a lovely day’s walking with friends.  But how to prepare and what to take?  Here’s your handy checklist.

Shorts might seem like a good idea on a hot day but brambles and nettles etc have grown over most paths by mid-summer, so light weight walking trousers or leggings are a better choice if you don’t want your legs shredded or stung.  It also cuts your chances of ticks latching on.

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Top 5 questions on Nordic walking poles

As someone who has run a Nordic walking business for nearly ten years I am understandably asked lots of questions about Nordic walking poles. 


Whilst there are many Nordic walking pole manufacturers Europe-wide, in the UK the choice is still fairly limited.  Leki and Exel are the biggest selling brands followed by Gabel and Fizan, the latter two offering slightly cheaper options. 


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Three of the best apps for Nordic walking

Last week I wrote about fitness benchmarking and the satisfaction derived from being able to walk longer/faster/hillier as your walking fitness increases.  Lots of you have fitbits, apple watches, garmins and the such like which record steps, miles, pace, heart rate, route etc.  These are a great and I certainly have a couple of them.  But did you know that there are also some fantastic apps you can use with your smart phone which are easy to download, often free, and don’t require any fancy watches to activate.  Here are three of the best:

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Nordic Walking pole maintenance – answers to common questions

For some reason, January is always the time of year I think about giving my Nordic walking poles an MOT.  Whilst they’re pretty low maintenance, it’s worth checking over the straps and paws every now and then.  So here’s some tips on pole care and what to do if things go wrong.


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Which Nordic walking pole?


So you’ve discovered Nordic walking and want to buy your own poles? Good news! Having your own poles is liberating. You can go out any time you want using a pole that is suited to your needs and a strap that fits your hand properly. There’s also much more choice than a few years ago so it’s a great time to be buying.

This blog’s here to help you answer:


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A guide of what to wear in autumn when Nordic walking

August is fading fast and the season of mists and yellow fruitfulness is almost upon us.  It’s a bittersweet time for many and whilst I will miss those wonderful long hot sociable summer days, September is one of my favourite months.  An elegant synthesis of reflection and fresh energy, it’s the transition between the end of summer on the start of winter.  For us walkers it can be a confusing time kit-wise.  Cold mornings, hot days, shortening evenings, dew drenched grass, and emerging muddy sections all require us to adapt our clothing and our footwear.  Here’s some things to consider:

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