Although we can't physically be with you there's no reason to let your fitness drop with our indoor exercise classes and Vicky's new outdoor Norcdic walking coaching podcast!

Virtual exercise classes 
You’ve given us and our instructors (who are also Personal Trainers) fantastic feedback on their 30 minute Zoom workouts. They’re free to attend as we just want to keep you strong and fit and not lose that hard earned Nordic walking fitness.

We’re still learning about how it all works so our technology may not run smooth, but it’s lovely to keep in touch with you and there’s a chat box for everyone to use before and after the session. We’ve changed the registration process so now you only need to register once for each instructors class and you can attend multiple sessions. So if you’ve already registered for some sessions we’ll need you to re-register please. 
To register:
Sarah’s Monday 9.30am sessions click here
Clair’s Wednesday 9.30am sessions click here
Rachael’s Friday 9.30am sessions click here
You’ll get something different from each instructor so feel free to join in with all three. You can work at your own pace so why not. Just make sure you have enough space around you, it’s safe and as with all exercise classes if anything causes you any pain stop straight away. We can’t check your technique so you'll need to be more careful. See you there!

Vicky's Nordic walking podcast
As we can't run our usual classes Vicky has recorded an ingenious podcast to accompany you on a solo Nordic walk. It's an hour-long class including warm-ups, technique coaching, and post walk stretches. Click here to download and listen to it or follow the link on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you to everyone working to help save lives and support the vulnerable
The neighbourhood clap for the NHS on Thursday evening was extremely moving and we know many of you either work within the NHS yourselves or have friends or family who are involved in the immense effort to help save lives and support the vulnerable.

On behalf of our whole club, instructors and walkers alike, thank you and thank you again for all you are doing.

Enjoy your workouts and keep fit and well. We send our very best wishes to you and your family. 

The Bristol and Bath NW Team