One lightning strike and it's all over

Oh calamity.  The morning started bright and sunny and 16 us from Bristol Nordic Walking piled into cars and headed to Cosmeston Country Park, Cardiff, for the fourth ever UK Nordic Walking Challenge Event.  We’ve had plenty of success in the past – PBs broken and medals won.  We were hoping for more of the same – especially with so many of our walkers on top walking fitness and form.  But sunshine and heat (and some equally searing lap times) turned into cloud, wind, rain and then – yes – thunder and lightening. Just one clap, but it was massive.

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Shape up with our new 12 week Nordic walking fitness plan!

Many of you walk twice a week with us and feel great on it.  However, our recent survey has shown that sometimes you’d like to give your fitness an extra boost.  Maybe you want to get in shape for an event or holiday or simply kick start a new regime. 

We now have just the thing!  A 12 week Nordic walking fitness plan to help you get in shape, improve posture, build up stamina and increase speed. 

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4 Week Training programme for Nordic walking a 10k road race

So you’ve signed up to Nordic walk a 10k road race and it’s now only a month away.  Training has been patchy at best and you need a plan.  Don’t worry – help is at hand! Here is your complete training programme for Nordic walking a 10k road race.  It covers technique tips and includes a four week training schedule.  If you’re planning to walk the Bristol 10k with us on May 31st this could be handy!

Nordic walking technique tips for road races

1.  Wear running trainers not walking shoes. 

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How to use Nordic walking to trim, tone and lose inches

Gained a few inches over the Christmas holidays which you want to shift?  Whatever your shape, Nordic walking can help.  Here’s how.

The Basics

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Where are you heading in 2015?

There is a Chinese proverb that goes thus: ‘If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading’.

Where are you heading? Is it in the right or wrong direction?  The New Year is traditionally a time to take stock of where we’re at and reflect on where we wish to go.  We cannot influence every aspect of our lives but we have the steering wheel firmly in our hands when it comes to fitness. 

The word ‘fitness’ is, of course, multi faceted.  Its many components include:


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Fancy cross-country skiing anyone?

Many of you will know the origins of Nordic walking.  It comes from cross-country skiing when, in the 1930s, the Finn elite cross-country skiers developed Nordic walking as their summer training fitness programme. So not a bad pedigree.

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Get fit, stay healthy

The government is seriously troubled about the state of the nation’s waistline and activity levels.  This year alone it has published five papers aimed at tackling obesity and encouraging people to be more active. 

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Don't stop at the top!

We had an impressive Nordic walk yesterday (Saturday) to the Observatory and back.  Everyone was on fine form and the 4.2km was easily achieved within the hour.  This surprised quite a few people who, when they first started Nordic walking, would have struggled with this distance. It prompted a discussion about fitness which I thought I’d share with you.

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Cyclo circuits - a benchmarking experience

I had an interesting - and some would say ʻbenchmarkingʼ - experience today. I went to cyclo circuits at the Fox Cycling studio in Portishead. Cyclo circuits offers an intriguing mix of spinning (cycling on the spot on specialist bikes) and basic ʻcircuitʼ type exercises such as lunges, squats and power jumps. The whole thing lasts 45 minutes and combines the aerobic challenges of high intensity cycling with muscle toning resistance exercises. I was interested to give it a go as all I have done for the past couple of years by way of exercise is (no surprises) Nordic walking.

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