Do Fitbits decrease fatbits?

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My Fitbit fascination

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A 10k Training schedule, maintenance tips for your walking boots and poles plus and excellent exercise for posture

There’s so much to talk about this week, I hardly know where to begin! 

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Healthy Nordic walking snacks, the best way to lace your boots and one of our walkers discovers an unusual benefit of Nordic walking

Healthy Nordic walking snacks

Many of you are beginning to tackle some longer walks, which means you need to consider taking food to eat along the way as well as water.  If you don’t you may suffer an energy slump (which cyclists call ‘bonking’ btw) part way through.  My personal favourite snack is home roasted nuts and seeds – see recipe below.  The Ramblers have put together some handy nutritional advice which may interest you.  Here are their tips:

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The benefits of setting yourself fitness goals

Do you like goal setting?  Does it help motivate you?   For most of us I expect it’s a matter of balance.  We don’t want to be ruled by ‘achievement targets’ but having a goal every so often is very helpful.  This is particularly the case for fitness.  In fact, I would say that we all have fitness goals, from simply trying to stay generally active to something more tangible, like training for an event.

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A New Year - full of possibilities

No matter how many New Year’s I’ve seen (and the number is clocking up), I still get excited about a new year.  It stands before us, like a new chapter, waiting to be written.  High on many people’s list is developing a healthier, fitter lifestyle – and this used to be on my list too, until I discovered Nordic walking. 

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Nordic walking challenge events

I’ve spoken before about the Nordic walking challenge events run by British Nordic Walking.  There are now about four a year and they are very popular with many in our club.  Janet Jenkins wrote this great article about them which I’m publishing as a guest blog as the next event is in a few weeks time.  Thanks Janet!

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Use our Nordic walking classes to improve your aerobic fitness

In my blog last week I looked at the benefit of steady state training for increasing your heart health.  I’m continuing the theme this week by discussing how you can improve your aerobic fitness through our Nordic walking classes.  Those of you who are using fitness trackers with heart rate monitors will particularly like this blog as I include a table at the bottom showing your heart rate exercise zones based on age.

What is aerobic fitness

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Heart health matters

An exercise like Nordic walking can help reduce your risk of heart disease. It can also help you control your weight, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and improve your mental health – helping you to look and feel great.

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Keeping up with family and friends

I’ve just returned from a fabulous week in Cornwall.  The coastal paths there are beautiful and I loved walking them.  What struck me was the number of times I passed couples or families with very different fitness levels.  Most often the man was striding out ahead with his other half trying valiantly to keep up.  It can’t have been much fun for either of them!

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Get waisted Nordic walking

A key area that many of our walkers want to trim is their waist.  Not only will this help you look great but, more importantly a slim middle has significant health benefits.

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