The Shape Up - Ros's story

‘Hmm’ I thought, ‘this is not good!’.  My clothes were becoming tighter and tighter over the past year. I was starting to feel pretty uncomfortable and I had been ignoring the expansion of my waist. Even though I was a Nordic Walking Instructor I was walking less, doing more admin and not really thinking about what I ate. Plus I loved my food and I dislike diets. They don’t seem to work for many people and it seems like some sort of punishment!

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Britain’s top 100 walks plus the ‘truth’ about how to get fit

There were two interesting TV programmes last week about walking and fitness.  The first was co-presented by Julia Bradbury, the second was by Michael Mosley about health and fitness.

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Get fit through this winter plus how to have a better brain

The days are shortening and there’s a definite autumnal feel in the air.  Nature is preparing to shut down for winter and it’s very tempting to join those hibernating animals and close the door on our exercise until spring. 

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Aerobic fitness: it’s not always about distance

There’s a whole bunch of reasons why most of us come Nordic walking, but maintaining and increasing aerobic fitness is probably one of them.  This gives us the puff to climb stairs and hills and generally keep up with people younger than us.  Also the fitter our heart and lungs, the more efficient our circulation and cardiovascular system is in general.  This helps with weight loss and lowers our risk of all sorts of other health conditions – heart attacks, cancer, diabetes and now strokes (see last week’s blog) to name a few.  It’s something I talk about quite a lot because it’s so importa

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Why we must keep Nordic walking and a magnificent snow shoeing trip to the Pyrenees

Spring has most definitely sprung this week.  The sap is rising and so is our energy.  Now is the very best time to put on your walking shoes and get out.  It is also the perfect time to take your walking fitness to the next level.  Don’t rush yourself with this but do push yourself – you may be surprised with what you can achieve.  Here’s seven reasons to help motivate you both to get out and get ambitious:

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Are you looking for a fitness or diet boost before Christmas? Read on.

I’m loving the autumn weather and the glorious colours emerging as the trees put on their annual display.  With autumn comes the reminder that Christmas is just around the corner and I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to go into the Christmas period feeling on top form.  

For many of you, just coming along to our regular hour long classes and the Saturday two hour stamina walk will be sufficient.  But if you want an extra boost to trim, slim, tone and strengthen we have two new programmes you may be interested in:


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Beach walks, masterclasses, equipment and fitness

It’s a canter through a veritable Nordic walking smorgasbord this week – there’s never a dull moment!

How is your aerobic fitness?

Knowing your aerobic fitness is pretty useful.  Aerobic fitness is the body’s ability to take in, transport and utilise oxygen to supply energy throughout the body.  High aerobic fitness levels are associated with fewer health problems. That includes strokes, heart attacks, and breast and colon cancers.  It is therefore one of the most important components of overall physical fitness. 

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Challenge Events, a Vitman D update and why walking to the pub is a good thing

This time last week I had just completed the latest British Nordic Walking challenge event, along with twelve others from our club.  I’ve spoken about these events before.  There are currently four a year (last week’s event at Lydiard Park in Swindon is the closest to us) and you can choose a 5k, 10k or half marathon distance.  You have to Nordic walk it and if you run or your technique is excessively dodgy you can be disqualified.  It sounds scarier than it is!

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In praise of Nordic walking

One of the things that impresses me about Nordic walking is its versatility. Want to get fit but don't like gyms? Try Nordic walking. Had a recent op and need to ease your way back to fitness? Again, Nordic walking will do the job. Coming to the end of your running days and want a replacement? You got it, Nordic walking. There are other exercise options of course and I love the diversity available to us. But I can't be alone in noticing how well Nordic walking adapts itself to pretty much every exercise situation. 

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Tone up for summer plus what to do with wonderful wild garlic

The recent warm weather teasers (I came home with a suntan after Wednesday’s Sand Bay coastal walk) and the lengthening days have made me think about summer.  More specifically about getting in shape for my summer holiday!  I don’t suppose I’m alone here.  Could you do with a bit of a boost to trim, tone and strengthen?  If so, did you know that running alongside all our fitness and exercises classes, we offer Body Boost?  This is our ultimate personalised package, where we develop a fitness plan around your specific goals and needs.

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