Another year goes by and another Bristol Nordic Walking video has been made by Ros.  It’s a bit of fun – but laughter and fun is a big part of what we’re about.  Thanks for getting involved (as if you had a choice) and for bringing your good spirits and delicious food to our Christmas party at Hunters café on Monday for the video premier.  It was a fantastic gathering and you all looked fabulous, trading walking boots and waterproofs for party dresses, statement shirts and a fair few crazy Christmas jumpers.

2018 began with The Shape Up, a new course run by Mel Mackintosh based around Michael Mosely’s Blood Sugar Diet, combining nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.  You gave it great reviews and Mel will be starting the fourth course this January, perfect timing for losing inches after Christmas.
She has also been running seasonal Mindfulness workshops, the last of which takes place this week to mark the winter solstice.  Nordic walking lends itself to mindfulness and Mel’s workshops are the perfect opportunity to tap into this.
As well as The Shape Up and Mindfulness we also ran a Healthy Body workshop series led by Peter.  These were also popular so we hope to team up with physios and other health professionals to bring you some more workshops next year.

Another new event was our Club Challenge. 

Over fifty of us took part in the South Wales Three Peaks, walking 10, 15 and 20 miles and taking on the mountains around Abergavenny.  You toughed it out, training in all weathers and gritted your teeth to tackle and conquer the mighty slopes of Sugar Loaf, Blorenge and Skirrid.  It was a great success and we are doing another Club Challenge in 2019 ,  The Bath Beat.  So come and join us and kick start the new year with a walking goal.  You’ll increase your fitness, get a great sense of achievement and have a fair amount of fun along the way.  Click here to read more and to book.

Besides our Club Challenge, many of you signed up to your own walking challenges.  Marathons, Walk1000miles, the British Nordic Walking challenge events and all sorts of sponsored walks – it was hard to keep up with what everyone was doing at times. So please keep sending us pictures from your travels and challenges as we post them on Facebook.

Talking of challenges, the British weather threw a fair few at us this year.  Rain, high winds and snow did their best to disrupt our walks (mostly unsuccessfully – we’re a tough lot).  

The long hot summer though was utterly energy sapping and even our Nordic Walking Girona visitors complained about the heat – which is quite something.

Nordic walking is a great way to explore further afield and we visited many new places in 2018 including a cascading waterfalls walk in the Brecon Beacons and and a fascinating Hopewell Colliery visit coupled with a walk in the Forest of Dean.   

We also went to Falmouth for some really stunning coastal walking, returned to the ever beautiful Dartmoor, and went twice to Girona, Catalonia where we combined walking with culture and cuisine and were superbly looked after by the lovely Nordic Walking Girona club.

Although it’s fun Nordic walking elsewhere, the most important part of our club are our regular weekly walks. 

We now run 35 of these thanks to our fabulous instructors – Clair, Miro, Sarah, Marcus, Yvonne, Rachael and Patsy, Mel and Liz.  Your feedback from our summer survey showed us what you value from your walks and we hope we now have a combination of technique advice, fitness and stretches which works for you.

A particular mention needs to go to four people - Nordic walkers Nic, Dawn, Karen and Barbara who undertook additional training to be able to help instructors Patsy, Mel and Liz run our two weekly sessions for People with Parkinsons.  Also thanks to Ann and Claudia who help Patsy run the Tuesday afternoon walk at Penny Brohn for those with cancer.  Thank you everyone for the energy and commitment you bring.  These walks are so important and they couldn’t happen without you.

Also we'd like to give a big welcome to Yvonne who is running Nordic walks in Royal Victoria Park, Bath every Tuesday at 6pm and Saturday mornings. See our new Bath website And welcome to Amanda, our wonderful new Business Support Manager who is organising our booking systems and generally making an enormous difference to Ros and myself.

So that's about it for 2018 - click here to see some photos of the year. But the biggest thanks goes to you, our walkers, for your support, friendliness and good humour throughout the year. We look forward to 2019 with you - keeping fit whilst having lots of fun!