Jo Clarkson

"Twenty years ago I had a medical MOT and was told "You have the lung capacity of a long distance runner - pity about the rest!" And that summed it up. I've never really enjoyed exercising and was never much good at sport. However, now in my late sixties with back problems, I finally decided, I must improve my fitness. And that's when I discovered Bristol Nordic Walking. I'm now totally committed!

After only a couple of months, my stamina is improving, I have more energy and I'm really enjoying walking. It's a full body workout and the extra boost from the poles makes such a difference, especially going uphill, which I've always struggled with. Under Ros and Vicky's expert tuition, I'm getting the hang of the technique.

So, an invigorating walk in the woods or the Downs, with a friendly group of people and a cup of coffee at the end - can't recommend it enough!"