Vicky Welsh
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My approach is to show you how you can use Nordic walking to target your specific health and fitness needs.  I write weekly articles about Nordic walking, health and fitness so my research into and understanding of how the Nordic walking technique works is broad.  I am regularly asked to talk about it on local radio and am delighted that more and more people are hearing about this excellent outdoor total body fitness exercise.  When I first started Bristol Nordic Walking in May 2010, barely anyone had heard about Nordic walking and I began with one class in Ashton Court.  Now we are a team of ten running at least 35 weekly classes in Ashton Court, the Downs, Blaise, Oldbury Court, Penny Brohn UK and in Bath. 

My personal journey to Nordic walking started as a result of a health scare in my late thirties.  I had a post viral arthritic assault on all my joints which made running very painful.  Eventually I realised that this form of exercise wasn't sustainable so I researched into other forms of outdoor exercise and discovered Nordic walking.  I love being in the great outdoors and Nordic walking takes my natural walking to the next level.  It's good for my aerobic fitness, muscle and bone strength, balance, and mental wellbeing.  I now understand how I can improve my circulation, back health, posture, core strength and stress levels - all through Nordic walking.  It is this understanding that I endeavour to pass on to others.

Nordic walking is so simple in its concept but it can transform the way in which we walk and hold ourselves.  It is also a brilliant way to explore our beautiful countryside and meet new people.  The best thing though is that I've found something that will keep me fit and active for the rest of my life.

INWA Nordic Walking instructor, Personal Training Diploma, REPs Level 3 Advanced Instructor, Exercise referral, Core stability and torso training, Postural analysis, Nutrition and weight management, Circuit training.